Friday, February 7, 2014

I was so excited when my friend Tiffany rom work asked me to photographer her family. Not only are they all so beautiful together but they are all smiles all the time, so happy with how these all ended up and so glad to have had this opportunity!

 A couple shot from a family shoot I did the other day. Such a sweet loving group of people, photography is always easier when your subject matter is as happy as this family!

Train Musuem

A series of four shots I did of the Buford Southeastern Train Museum!

Comercial Photography

My favorite commercial shot from last semester:

Everyone in my class had an opportunity to come up with and shoot an idea for our Gwinnett Tech Holiday card. This was the end idea I had. I knew I wanted to somehow incoporate candy canes but the heart came a little bit after the shoot started. After spending sometime with messing around with lights and distance I finally got the effect I wanted with the string lights.

High Key Assignment

I chose to do High Key instead of low key for my Portraiture assignment. Overall I'm very happy with the final product, it helped to have a model with such an infectious smile and laugh, both my partner and I enjoyed all of the giggles during this shoot!